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Renault Zoe Onto

Onto Raises $60m Series C Funding to Bring EV Subscriptions to Europe

Electric car subscription service Onto has raised $60 million in Series C funding to accelerate its European expansion.The UK-based company, which has grown by...
Elmo Tesla Model 3

“The Idea of Buying a Car Will Grow Outdated” – elmo Co-Founder Olly Jones

Consumers often complain that electric cars are still too expensive compared to their petrol equivalent - regardless of any cost-savings down the line.However, London-based...
Hyundai Mocean Subscription

Hyundai Launches EV Subscription Service in the UK

Hyundai has launched a new EV subscription service in the UK.The new Mocean subscription service allows customers to rent any of Hyundai's hybrid, PHEV,...
Ev Charging

EV Subscription Business Onto Raises $175m to Boost Growth

EV subscription service Onto has raised $175 million in venture capital funding to help expand its operations in the UK.Onto, which provides all-inclusive EV...