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Flying Car Pal V Liberty 2 (1)video

“We’ve Been Yearning for a Flying Car” – PAL-V @ Salon Prive

Flying cars have been the stuff of dreams and imagination for decades. However, there might be hope on the horizon for fans of The Jetsons...
Tushek Salon Privevideo

Building Hyper-Fast Hybrid Racers – Tushek @ Salon Prive

Racing cars aren't known for being especially green. However, Slovenian automaker Tushek is hoping that its TS900 Apex and Racer Pro cars will be...
Genesis Gv60 Revealvideo

Understanding the Genesis Difference – Genesis @ Salon Prive

Genesis, the premium arm of Hyundai, unveiled the GV60 to Europe at Salon Prive last month.The GV60 is the company's first electric car built...
Charge Cars Salon Privevideo

Building New 1967 Electric Mustangs – Charge Cars @ Salon Prive

Building new versions of old cars might sound oxymoronic but Charge Cars is doing just that.Mark Roberts, the company's Chief Creative Officer, explained to...
Everrati Salon Prive Featuredvideo

“We Save These Cars” – Everrati’s Nick Williams @ Salon Prive London

Petrolheads might pour scorn on Nick Williams' suggestion that his company, Everrati, "saves" classic cars.However, speaking to the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer and...
Tushek 3

The Lightest Hybrid Hypercar on The Road to be Revealed at Salon Privé

The TS 900 Hybrid Hypercar is to be launched at this year’s Salon Privé in September by Tushek, a Slovenian supercar manufacturer. It's the...