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Rinspeed Unveils ‘CitySnap’ Concept Delivery Vehicle

Rinspeed has released details of its new concept vehicle. The electric-powered 'CitySnap' is a modular, delivery vehicle, initially designed for a human driver. Eventually...
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Geneva International Motor Show 2020: Rinspeed’s “MetroSnap” shows up on the stages of Europe

Innovative solution to the key question of modular vehicle systems and logistics and mobility offers Frank M. Rinderknecht: “The crucial step towards series production has...
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Rinspeed CEO Frank Rinderknecht Introduces Third Snap Model

Rinspeed's visionary leader Frank Rinderknecht presented the third version of its concept vehicle at CES 2020. The MetroSnap features a simple, fast and safe...
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Rinspeed Reveals ‘MetroSnap’ AV Ahead of CES

Swiss automobile manufacturer Rinspeed first demonstrated its 'Snap' and 'microSNAP' vehicles at CES in Las Vegas two years ago - an autonomous vehicle that...
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CES Las Vegas 2020: Rinspeed’s “MetroSnap” displays innovative solution for the key question of...

Clever modular concept solves the issue of cost Frank M. Rinderknecht: “The crucial step towards series production has now been taken.”As the first company in...
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Robot Charging Assistants – KUKA Showcases Its Automated Tech @ MES Expo

At MES Expo in Berlin, KUKA Deutschland GmbH - a leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions - showed off its automated charging assistants. It demonstrated...

Where And When Will We See Level 5 Autonomous Driving? Forecasts From Rinspeed’s Founder

Fully autonomous (Level 5) vehicles will be operating on roads in China and U.S. before anywhere else in the world. That's one of the...

CES Las Vegas 2019: Rinspeed displays the “microSNAP” for the last mile and express...

“microSNAP” - Think micro, yet mighty!With the “Snap,” presented early this year at the CES in Las Vegas, Swiss powerhouse of ideas Rinspeed...
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“Snap Motion“ – a disruptive startup from Silicon Valley and Central Europe

The success of the Rinspeed “Snap” concept vehicle at the CES 2018, the Geneva Auto Show and many other exhibitions around the world has...
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The Concept King: Rinspeed’s Founder Shares His Vision

Robo-taxis, underwater cars, cozy cuddling pods, Rinspeed is today best known for its futuristic concepts. But, in actual fact, the Swiss car visionary Frank...