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Prof. Dr. Johannes Springer, Leader 5g Automotive Programme, Deutsche Telekom

5G changes mobility – video interview with Prof. Dr. Johannes Springer

The basis for networked mobility and logistics is continuous network availability. 5G offers more bandwidth, lower latency and positioning that is accurate to the...
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Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Jacob

Brandenburg – new hotspot of battery production?

5 questions to engineer Katharina JacobThe news caused quite a stir: Tesla wants to build a gigafactory in Grünheide, Brandenburg. And Microvast and BASF...
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More than 210 million vehicles are on the roads in China (photo: Unsplash)

Mobility in China

The largest automotive market in the world is also a promising sales market for automotive suppliers. China is not just the largest car manufacturer in...
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Emissions-free, autonomous and doing good – the Avy wing drone (photo: Avy)

Drones for a better world

Flying causes higher emissions than any other form of transportation. The start-up company Avy wants to change this and is even going one step...
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Transport & Logistics: E-commerce vs. the stationary retail trade - Which has the better environmental footprint?

Transport & Logistics: E-commerce vs. the stationary retail trade – Which has the better...

It’s fast, easy and convenient: online shopping has been booming for years. But what about its environmental footprint? Is it more sustainable to buy...
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E-scooters: ‘Quicker than walking’

E-scooters: ‘Quicker than walking’

On its triumphal march through Europe, the e-scooter has now arrived in Germany. What consequences the electric pedal scooters have for mobility is illustrated...
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