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Lime Gen3 Street

Lime Debuts Sidewalk Detection Technology in The City of San José

Lime and the U.S. city of San José have launched a pilot to detect and reduce e-scooter sidewalk riding. The pilot is the first...
Lime Gen3 Street

Lime Announces Plans to Withdraw From 12 Markets

Micro-mobility company Lime is withdrawing from 12 markets across the globe. The cities affected by the decision are: Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego and San...

Lime Launches Global Subscription Service – The Lime Week Pass

Lime has announced the launch of a new subscription service called LimePass which is being introduced in cities across the US, Australia and New...
E-scooters: ‘Quicker than walking’

E-scooters: ‘Quicker than walking’

On its triumphal march through Europe, the e-scooter has now arrived in Germany. What consequences the electric pedal scooters have for mobility is illustrated...
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Fast, Fun…And Potentially Dangerous. The ‘Epidemic’ of E-Scooter Injuries

E-scooters are proving to be highly harmful, according to recent medical research in the U.S. Cities, law enforcement, public health and physician organisations are...

Bird Trials Electric Scooters in London

The trend began in sunny California. It spread to parts of mainland Europe and now the electric scooter revolution is being trialed in London....