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Toyota to Collaborate with Redwood Materials on Electrified Vehicle Battery Ecosystem

Toyota Motor North America is collaborating with Redwood Materials to explore a series of end-of-life battery solutions for Toyota’s proposed battery ecosystem in the...
Ford and Redwood Materials

Ford, Redwood Materials Teaming Up on Closed-Loop Battery Recycling, U.S. Supply Chain

Ford Motor Company and Redwood Materials, a leading battery materials company, are collaborating to make electric vehicles more sustainable and affordable for Americans...
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Ford And Redwood Materials Team Up On Closed-Loop EV Battery Recycling in The U.S.

Ford Motor Company and Redwood Materials have announced they are working together to build out battery recycling and a domestic battery supply chain for...
Only At Volkswagen: Visitors Can Help Build The E Golf In The Tr

Next-Gen Battery Company QuantumScape to List On NYSE Through Merger

Volkswagen-backed QuantumScape Corporation, a leader in the development of next generation solid-state lithium-metal batteries for use in electric vehicles, is to merge with Kensington...