Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Oxbotica Tests Zero-Occupancy, Fully Autonomous, EV on Public Roads in the UK

The UK's Oxbotica, a leader in autonomous vehicle software, has completed the first safe and sustainable deployment of a zero-occupancy, fully autonomous, new-type electric...
Nevs Sango Driven By Oxbotica

Oxbotica and NEVS to Develop a Fleet of Self-Driving, All-Electric Vehicles for Public Roads

The UK's Oxbotica and Sweden's NEVS have signed a strategic partnership to develop a fleet of self-driving, all-electric vehicles to be deployed on public...

Oxbotica Appoints Former Microsoft & Amazon Web Services MD Gavin Jackson as CEO

The UK's Oxbotica, a global leader in open autonomous vehicle software, has announced that Gavin Jackson has been appointed new CEO. Jackson previously held...