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Development of E−mobility much too slow

Development of E-mobility much too slow

Electromobility has replaced "sustainability" as the top topic in German-language media. English-language publications have reported on the move away from fossil fuels and the...
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Alain Mathuren, Communication Director at FuelsEurope, during the expert talk on the topic of ‘E-fuels’

Automechanika is launching a new series of expert talks on alternative fuels: ‘Energy 4...

Frankfurt am Main, 3 November 2020. Be it hydrogen, electricity, biofuels or synthetically produced fuels – the new ‘Energy 4 Mobility’ expert talk series...
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Endurance test in ice and snow: the EQV undergoing winter testing inside the Arctic...

Arjeplog, Sweden. Customers, whether private or commercial users, place the same demands on electric vehicles as they do on equivalent vehicles with combustion engines:...
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Individual companies as well as corporate groups are invited to apply online to join the program

“Porsche Destination Charging”: More than 1,000 charging points in operation

Sportscar manufacturer is promoting the expansion of electromobility Stuttgart. Porsche is investing in establishing a global charging network: The “Porsche Destination Charging” programme includes a total...
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Prof. Christian Sattler researches emissions-free drives at the German Aerospace Centre (Photo: DLR)

Alternative drives: ‘Hydrogen is underestimated’

Everything e? The automotive industry is focusing heavily on electromobility. However, there is a risk that some sensible alternative drives will be overlooked, writes...
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Auto Futures – Highlights of Auto Shanghai 2019

Auto Futures Presents the Highlights of Auto Shanghai 2019

For eight days in April the eyes of the motor industry are focused on Shanghai where one of the world’s largest industry shows opens...
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