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Meet the CEO with Ambitions to Charge up Europe

Car companies are usually fierce rivals. But in the electric charging sector, some major ones have teamed up to launch and support Ionity -...

The Stuff of Legend: Peugeot’s new concept car the e-Legend

Peugeot's tagline at this year's Paris Motor Show is #UnboringTheFuture.  Thankfully its new concept car, the e-Legend, is anything but boring.  It's fully electric, fully autonomous and fully connected.  Philippe-Emmanuel Jean, the Concept Car Manager, gave Auto Futures a glimpse of its future vision.

China Automotive: Putting Mobile into Mobility

The demand for smart urban mobility is growing, and so is the competition to lead the zero-emission market. In China, the government’s early policies...

Musk to Step Down as Tesla Chairman

Elon Musk is to remain as Tesla CEO but will step down as Chairman. The move is part of a settlement with the US...

The road to a greener, more pleasant city –ElectriCity provides inspiration in Gothenburg, Sweden

In what ways can the urban environment develop when traffic is powered by electricity and exhaust gases and noise disappear?This summer, Volvo Ocean Race...
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What to do with Electric Vehicle Batteries Once They Start to Die?

As the surge of electric cars begins in a bid to reduce carbon emissions, another environmental problem arises: what to do with the large...

The Drive for Innovation: IAA CV Interview Highlights

The 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 is now well and truly underway. The focus of the this year's event are subjects close to our...

Electrifyingly fun to drive: the Audi e-tron

World premiere of the first all-electric series production model from the brand Ample space and a long range provide a high level of...
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Germany’s Audi Launches E-Offensive in California

After much teasing, Audi has unveiled the e-tron to the world at an event in California. The electric all-wheel drive SUV has a charging capacity...

Electric Air-Taxis are No Longer Science Fiction

Flying taxis…without a pilot. Is that the solution to the traffic chaos in Europe’s congested cities? ‘Yes it is.’ That’s the answer of more...