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Drive Concierge + Omniverse Avatar Image 11.7.21 8pm

How NVIDIA DRIVE Drives Innovation, Autonomous Driving & AI Concierge Avatars @CES 2022

During a virtual news conference at CES 2022, NVIDIA announced automotive milestones and demonstrated its AI prowess. Ali Kani, NVIDIA general manager and VP...
Deepmap Featured Image

NVIDIA to Acquire DeepMap, a U.S. Start-up Building HD Maps For The AV Industry

NVIDIA has agreed to acquire DeepMap, a start-up dedicated to building high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles to navigate the world safely. The U.S.-based company...

Hyundai to Launch NVIDIA DRIVE Infotainment And AI Platform Across All Future Models

Hyundai Motor Group and NVIDIA have announced the roll-out of the NVIDIA DRIVE ‘connected car’ platform across all new models from Hyundai, Kia and...