Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Lynk Co Sunsetvideo

“Europe is Ready for Car Sharing” — Lynk & Co @ MOVE 2022

Lots of automakers are starting to offer what are, ostensibly, subscription services — completely redefining the relationship between driver and vehicle.However, according to Alain...
SHIFTx - Convention reinvented

How Arvato Financial Solutions is Helping Pioneer a New Mobility Concept Across Europe

You may not have heard of Arvato Financial Solutions, but it’s one of the financial powerhouses of Europe. According to Kay Dallmann, Senior Vice...
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SHIFTx – The Mobility Event Without Limits

SHIFTx – The Mobility Event Without Limits

Future mobility in a groundbreaking new format: SHIFTx launches as a mixed reality convention, that extends to the next level of presenting topics, brands...
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Lynk & Co CEO Alain Visser is Taking on The European Market

Lynk & Co, at a virtual event, launched its new mobility membership and announced that its 01 electric vehicle, which has experienced great success...