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Explore the latest news and stories from the autonomous driving industry, including interviews with some of the world’s most exciting start-ups and established brands. Read the latest stories below.

Volkswagen’s Future Mobility Solutions Materialize With Closin

VW Closes Europcar Deal; Plans to Offer Autonomous Vehicles After 2025

The Volkswagen Group has announced the closure of the Europcar transaction. Volkswagen's aim is to accelerate Europcar Mobility Group’s transformation to become the leader...
Blickfeld Lidarvideo

Building Tiny, Versatile LiDAR Sensors — Blickfeld @ MOVE 2022

German company Blickfeld is working to create tiny LiDAR sensors that have uses far beyond self-driving cars.Gregory Poillion, the company's VP Automotive Sales &...

Pony.ai Autonomous Driving Controller Built on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, Set for Mass Production

Pony.ai, a global autonomous driving technology company, has announced that its Autonomous Driving Controller (ADC), powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion compute architecture (DRIVE...
Zenzic Cam Scaleup

Zenzic Launches Connected and Autonomous Scale-Up Programme for Startups

Connected and automated mobility (CAM) company Zenzic has launched the third year of its CAM Scale-Up Programme. The programme offers selected startups and SMEs the...
Swaayatt Robotics Featured

Swaayatt Robots: Pioneering Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Driving

Bhopal-based Swaayatt Robots isn’t your traditional autonomous mobility company. The startup focuses on developing self-driving technology for unstructured environment conditions and India's road network...
Refinery 1

Oxbotica Uses ‘Metaverse’ to Accelerate Safe and Efficient Deployment of AVs

Oxbotica, a UK-based autonomous vehicle software group, is using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the metaverse to accelerate the safe and efficient deployment of...
Valeo Lidar 3rd Generation Hires 1000x440 Acf Cropped 0x0 Acf Cropped 0x0 Acf Cropped

Stellantis Chooses Valeo’s Third Generation LiDAR for Level 3 Automation Capability

Stellantis has chosen Valeo's third-generation LiDAR to equip multiple models of its different automotive brands from 2024. The Valeo SCALA 3 LiDAR will enable these vehicles...
Hyundai Motor Group to Pilot Autonomous Car-hailing RoboRide Service in Seoul’s Bustling Gangnam District

Hyundai Motor Group to Pilot Car-hailing RoboRide Service in Seoul’s Gangnam District

Hyundai Motor Group has announced it will pilot a RoboRide car-hailing service in Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea, utilising IONIQ 5 battery electric vehicles...
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Waymo Via and Uber Freight Team up to Deploy Autonomous Trucks

Waymo Via is partnering with Uber Freight to deploy autonomous trucks across its  US network. This long-term partnership brings together the Waymo Driver with...
Liquid Crystals and Light Polarization for Beam Steering and Their Role in Developing ADAS and Autonomous Driving Solutions

Liquid Crystals and Light Polarization for Beam Steering and Their Role in Developing ADAS...

An OverviewThis Technical Note aims to explain how liquid crystals and light polarization are used in autonomous driving and its applications. The document starts...
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