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Startups Driving Modern Mobility Solutions – KAMAX CEO

Following the New Mobility World Lab19 Startup Battle, KAMAX CEO Jörg Steins talks about the importance of startups in the rapidly developing automotive industry,...
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Powering ‘Fast-Forward Thinking’ – Hella at New Mobility World

Hella Fast Forward was established to help the German manufacturer transform its business model in the world of future mobility. Gerrit Dumstorff, who heads...

Throwing Light on The Automotive Industry – Osram Continental’s CEO

Osram Continental is an international joint venture that unites two leading German companies and offers smart, innovative lighting solutions for the automotive industry.Alex Kreetzer,...
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Don’t get Spoofed – Regulus Cyber CEO Warns The OEMs

Regulus Cyber's Pyramid GNSS is the first solution for the commercial sector to defend against dangerous fake signals through an efficient, affordable and easily...
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Autonomous-as-a-Service: Oxbotica CEO Looks at New Projects on the Horizon

Oxbotica CEO Ozgur Tohumcu discusses the British technology company's next project, launching commercial autonomous passenger services by 2021 and expanding into mobility-as-a-service and ride-hailing. 
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How Blockchain Can Overcome the “Trustless” Internet

Harry Behrens, Head of the Blockchain Factory, Daimler Mobility; Sebastian Becker, Chief Commercial Officer, Riddle&Code; and Oliver Naegele, CEO & Founder, Blockchain HELIX discuss...
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‘The Wey Forward’ – The Chinese Brand Ready to Take on the Global Market

Werner Happenhofer, Chief Technology Planning Officer, Great Wall Motors discusses the Wey brand and its new campaign to take on the global market, with...

Why Germany’s VON ARDENNE is Entering the Automotive Space? IAA Interview

The Frankfurt Motor Show was not just about cars. Germany's VON ARDENNE used the event to show off its solutions for lithium-ion batteries, fuel...
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Convenient, Affordable and Green- Vulog CEO on Supporting Multi-Modal Mobility

Convenient, affordable and green. That's how Vulog CEO Gregory Ducongé sees it. The company has developed a platform to support mobility providers, from shared...
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Affordability: the Real Driver of EV Adoption – Vattenfall CEO

Vattenfall President and CEO Magnus Hall is a huge supporter of e-mobility and wants to help electrify the transport sector. But, what impresses him...