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The Mars Analog Mission was successfully completed at the end of October in Israel's Negev Desert. (Source: Gebrüder Weiss / Voggeneder)

Mission completed

Gebrüder Weiss logistics project for 13th Mars Analog Mission successfully completed Negev / Innsbruck / Lauterach, November 5, 2021. The 13th International Mars Analog Mission...
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Swissloop Team Las Vegas 1

Swiss Hyperloop Team Achieves Top Position at Not-A-Boring Competition

​Innovation Award for the Swissloop Tunneling team sponsored by Gebrüder Weiss / Lothar Thoma: "We will continue to promote mobility concepts of the future."Las...
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Gebrüder Weiss is the main sponsor of Swissloop Tunneling at ETH Zurich

Gebrüder Weiss commits to Hyperloop project

Logistics service provider sponsors transport of a high-tech drilling robot from Switzerland to Las Vegas / Lothar Thoma: “Hyperloop promises feasible solutions for the...
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Gebrüder Weiss distributes HP products in Central and Eastern Europe with an electric truck

Gebrüder Weiss uses electric truck to transport HP products in Central and Eastern Europe

CO2 emissions reduced by approx. 50 metric tons a year / Long-standing partnership between major industry players goes greener / Alternative drive technologies integral...
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Gebrüder Weiss trainees organize transport for the OeWF Mars Analog Mission

Gebrüder Weiss delivers equipment for the OeWF Mars Analog Mission

International logistics company starts preparations for transport of sensitive equipment to the mission area in Israel.Innsbruck / Lauterach, July 8, 2021. As the official...
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Gebrüder Weiss hydrogen truck

Gebrüder Weiss tests its first hydrogen truck

Savings of up to 80 tons of CO annually / Wolfram Senger-Weiss: “Leading the way when it comes to sustainable solutions”Altenrhein / Lauterach,...
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