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ChargePoint, a leading U-based EV charging network, has announced a plans to deploy hundreds of EV chargers at multifamily properties like apartment buildings and condo complexes across the state of California. The partnership with non-profit organisation Charge Across Town and the State of California will make it easier and cheaper for Californians living in apartments and condos to charge at home, helping them make the transition to electric mobility.

Under the programme, ChargePoint will partner with multifamily property owners and managers to install hundreds of CPF50 and CT4000 EV charging ports, with 75 percent reserved for buildings in disadvantaged or low income communities.

ChargePoint estimates that it will help eliminate more than 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent — the equivalent of planting over 18 million trees and growing them for a decade.

John Schott, Director, Public Private Partnerships, at ChargePoint, says: “As a company that was founded in California and is headquartered here, we’re honored to work with the California Energy Commission and Charge Across Town to build reliable, equitable, and accessible EV charging infrastructure for Californians. Driving electric should be possible for everyone, and this partnership recognizes that charging should be accessible where drivers live, work and play. We’re proud of our strong track record of providing charging solutions that multifamily property owners and drivers rely on every day and look forward to continuing this important work.”

“One barrier to EV adoption is the inaccessibility to home charging, and lack of electric vehicle supply equipment infrastructure where it is needed most,” adds Maureen Blanc, Director at Charge Across Town. “Working with ChargePoint in low income and disadvantaged communities, we have the opportunity to educate both multifamily building owners and residents on how EV charging works, the affordability and benefits of going electric, and the many state and local incentives available to these communities.”

Chargepoint Fleet

To date, more than 113 million charging sessions have been delivered by ChargePoint, with drivers plugging into the ChargePoint network every second or less. 

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