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Alpine has revealed an all-electric prototype of its A110 sports car.

Known as the A110 E-ternité, Alpine says the car is a “real rolling laboratory” which retains the petrol-powered car’s agility and has “lightness unequalled for an electric car in this segment.”

As Alpine is owned by Renault, the new car uses batteries from the all-electric Mégane E-Tech. However, to achieve optimum weight distribution and to accommodate the twelve battery modules, it was necessary to design specific battery casings for the A110 and to adapt the internal architecture. 

As a result, the car is just 258 kg heavier than its petrol equivalent with the battery pack weighing 392 kg in total.

No gearbox was available in-house for the Alpine engineers and so a bespoke double clutch version was developed. Similarly, the engineers mixed two electronic equipment architectures separated by ten years.

This innovation provides new opportunities for architecture simplification or continuous improvement throughout the product as it enabled the features of the combustion engine AS1 to be kept whilst adding new features from the EV sector, as well as others such as the “Overtake” feature or the possibility of enabling communication between two batteries.

To further complicate matters, Alpine also decided to make the A110 E-ternité a convertible. Effectively a Targa, the electric A110 has two removable roof shells injected with recycled carbon.

At the moment, there is no news on whether the A110 E-ternité will make it to production.

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