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Rimac has finally begun production of its long-awaited Nevera electric hypercar, with deliveries to customers expected to commence imminently.

While production of the initial units is underway, Rimac hopes that it will soon be able to ramp up manufacturing to around 50 units per year.

However, customers will need to be patient as the first year of production for this new hypercar is already sold out.

Series production is a significant step for the company, given that the Nevera has been in development since 2018. Rimac unveiled the Concept_Two at the Geneva Motor Show four years ago and it ultimately became the Nevera.

Nevera Sp 5

This idea truly began, however, a decade ago with Rimac commencing development on the Concept_One and setting out to set a new benchmark for electric performance. The Concept_Two would start developing after that.

Since then, the company has expanded its remit, seeking to become a tier one automotive supplier and engineering firm for other automakers looking to go electric.

Now, with the Nevera vehicle finally in production, Rimac is delivering on the incredible specs promised with Concept_Two. The spring from 0-60 mph, for example, should be dealt with in 1.85 seconds, making it faster than any other production vehicle.

That staggering acceleration is thanks to the Nevera’s four electric motors that, together, deliver almost 2,000 horsepower. Range, meanwhile, should be decent but unremarkable, with Rimac claiming 287 miles (462 km) of range on a single charge. Though, presumably, this range is unattainable if drivers are sprinting from 0-60 mph regularly.

However, the first production unit of the Nevera will not be sold to the public and will “remain in the possession of Bugatti Rimac as a demonstrator and marketing car,” according to the company.

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