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Micromobility operator Lime has launched a new safety system designed to reduce crashes, serious injuries, drunk riding and pavement riding.

The new system will support a range of applications but the most important aspect is Lime Vision. According to the company, Lime Vision is the industry’s first AI-enabled computer vision platform built in-house. 

Using on-board cameras, Lime Vision offers ‘Advanced Sidewalk Detection’ which can accurately detect when a rider is using a scooter on a pavement in less than a second. Then, the scooter will alert the rider with a sound to tell them they should move off the pavement, as well as slowing the scooter to a low speed.

Other AI-based systems are set to follow soon, according to Lime. 

“Lime Vision doubles down on our commitment to building vertically-integrated hardware and software as we aim to provide the safest possible service to cities and our riders,” said Joe Kraus, President at Lime.

“We’re excited about this transformative array of safety measures, particularly Advanced Sidewalk Detection supported by Lime Vision, which will set a new standard for the industry. Building this in-house means we can integrate Lime Vision into our hardware, constantly refine the technology through learnings from our global operations, and scale Lime Vision to new cities with ease.”

However, there are also other benefits beyond safety. Lime says that the new tech can play a crucial role in data collection for cities and will help determine why sidewalk riding is higher in certain areas than others, as well as informing infrastructure decisions, such as where new protected bike lanes will be most effective. 

A new drunk rider prevention system is also in the works and Lime will be rolling out a trial soon. The late night rider reaction test will help determine whether they are capable of safely riding a scooter. In markets where it is deployed, it will be a requirement for any ride starting after a designated time.

Riders will be prompted with the test once a scooter is scanned but before it unlocks. The rider will be prompted with the reaction test screen explaining what the test is and why they need to take it. Based on their reaction time, riders will either pass or fail the test. Riders will not be able to start a ride unless they pass the test.

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