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Electric powertrain and restomodding company Lunaz has quadrupled its manufacturing footprint at the Silverstone Technology Park.

The upcycling and electrification plant has grown by 140,000 sq ft from the company’s existing facility and will give the company extra production space for its upcycled diesel-powered industrial vehicles.

Lunaz, which started out electrifying classic cars such as the Aston Martin DB6 and Jaguar XK120, has recently expanded its operations to a B2B service electrifying commercial vehicles. 

These Upcycled Electric Vehicles (UEVs), as Lunaz calls them, also incorporate significant safety, connectivity and ergonomic improvements along with the battery-electric powertrain. The company hopes that the new vehicles will help fleet operators and local authorities move towards net-zero emissions, as well as improve the wellbeing of drivers and crew.

Lunaz Uev On Road

Lunaz says its upcycled vehicles save more than 80% of lifetime embedded carbon emissions when compared to replacing a vehicle with an all-new equivalent. 

The original internal combustion engine is removed, decommissioned, and sent for recycling. The electrical circuits, air lines, bushings, and brake systems are renewed with recycled components built by OEM suppliers. The wing mirrors are also replaced with advanced monitors and the analogue dashboard instruments are replaced with three screens, giving the UEV a five-star Driver Vision Standard (DVS) rating.

“This landmark project represents a huge step forward for Lunaz Applied Technologies and the wider drive towards clean-air mobility. We have dramatically expanded our upcycling campus in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, in response to market sentiment, and the clear and growing demand for UEVs,” says David Lorenz, Lunaz’s founder.

“We’re backing our own technology, processes and people, and making a powerful statement of intent for our vision of Lunaz Applied Technologies (LAT); it’s also a renewed vote of confidence from us and our investors in the UK as our chosen long-term location for LAT’s manufacturing and R&D activities. This development will enable us to unlock the vast potential of UEV technology to break the replace-with-new cycle and bring us ever closer to carbon neutrality.”

In expanding its upcycling campus, Lunaz will create more than 300 new jobs and the company says it is actively recruiting across both manufacturing and electric vehicle specialisms to support its growth.

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