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  • Part of Kia’s global corporate social responsibility (CSR), the Green Light Project supports developing countries in overcoming key social challenges
  • Completion of Green Light Project sees Kia hand over operational responsibilities to local communities in Rwanda and Vietnam
  • Program has helped solve toxic environmental issues for the last three years in Vietnam’s Mai Chau County
  • Since 2017, the Green Light Project has helped to tackle poverty and quality of life in the Rwandan town of Gahengeri
  • For the next phase of the initiative, Kia plans to rollout the new Green Light Project 2.0 focuses on eco-friendliness and mobility

Kia has successfully completed the latest phase of its Green Light Project, a progressive corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that has made positive contributions to everyday life for local communities in Vietnam and Rwanda.

By successfully completing the program, Kia has transferred operational responsibilities and business activities of the Green Light Project to the respective communities and local authorities in Vietnam and Rwanda. This stage of Kia’s initiative in both Vietnam and Rwanda marks the tenth and eleventh locations around the world where the Green Light Project has had a positive impact on local communities in need of support.

In Vietnam’s Mai Chau County, Kia has been helping to solve toxic environmental pollution issues since July 2019.

Along with the international non-government organization (NGO) Good Neighbors, Kia has facilitated a crucial environmental step change in Mai Chau relating to waste discharge. The two partners have established an advanced eco-friendly waste treatment system and oversee the daily operation of a waste collection truck. The project also continues to raise awareness of environmental protection across the region.

Running in parallel to the Vietnam focus, in the Rwandan town of Gahengeri, Kia has been tackling issues relating to agriculture and quality of life.

Kia has supported the creation and opening of a vocational training center in Gahengeri. As well as being a career training facility, the center has established an essential rental network for agricultural machinery and incubation programs for local farmers, in the process helping new and existing farms to leverage harvesting, distribution and sales opportunities.

Despite transferring management of the Green Light Project to local authorities, Kia’s assistance programs in Vietnam and Rwanda have not ended. The company will continue to support and play an important role in the further development of both countries, especially in the Mai Chau County and Gahengeri.

As part of Kia’s wider CSR focus for communities in need of assistance, The Green Light Project aims to provide material support to developing countries, in turn establishing the vital groundwork that enables local communities to become self-reliant and independent.

Kia has recently enhanced and expanded numerous facilities – including secondary schools, health centers and vocational training facilities – on 12 bases in nine countries in Africa and Asia. These include Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda – six bases where the Green Light Project has been going strong since 2012.

The Green Light Project will be successfully concluded in 2023 after the handover of the Ghana base. Kia plans to introduce the Green Light Project 2.0 – featuring a new focus on eco-friendliness and mobility in the future.

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