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While Waze started as a community project, the crowd-based sat nav app has evolved into something quite different.

As Ru Roberts, Waze’s UK Country Manager, tells us, Waze offers far more than simply helping you get from A to B. What’s more, this different approach is bearing fruit — the company is growing quickly and now has around 4 million users in the UK alone.

The company was founded with the aim of eliminating traffic but has grown to help with all manner of traffic issues from pothole alerts, to poor car parking, to car crashes allowing users to slow down in advance or re-route for quicker travel times.

However, Waze also has an advertising platform built into the system called Waze Ads. This service allows partner organisations to get simple ad placements with pinned locations such as restaurants or petrol stations, or more contextual suggestions such as holiday companies when the weather is bad or TV programmes to watch when people get home.

Waze wasn’t the only company Auto Futures spoke to at MOVE that had the intention of ending urban traffic. Superpedestrian, CityQ, and City Transformer all believe that they have found the missing link in solving urban congestion for riders, drivers, and pedestrians alike. 

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