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Superpedestrian is on a mission to make micromobility better in cities across the UK and around the world.

In fact, according to Haya Verwoord Douidri, the company’s EVP Global Market Development, Policy and Strategy, it is precisely because Superpedestrian works so closely with cities that it has proven so successful in recent years. 

The company has a range of tools and software that enables its e-scooters to be made safer for riders, pedestrians, and drivers. For example, a series of sensors will encourage riders to stick to the roads — rather than pavements — when on the move. However, should a groundswell of riders hop onto the pavements in one particular area, Superpedestrian will work with cities to understand the problem and find a solution.

Similarly, Superpedestrian works closely with cities and communities to work out how it can make its e-scooters as convenient as driving a car.

Superpedestrian wasn’t the only e-scooter company that Auto Futures spoke to at MOVE this year. Bolt’s Johnny Munroe, for example, told us how the micromobility and ride-sharing giant is working to improve its services across the UK.

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