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BrightDrop is working to try and humanise the intensive last-mile delivery industry in the US and Europe, according to Rachad Youssef, the company’s Chief Product Officer.

Auto Futures caught up with Youssef at the MOVE 2022 trade show in London to learn about the company’s Zevo 600 vans and Trace electrically-propelled carts. With more thoughtful design choices, such as lower doors for easier ingress and egress, BrightDrop is hoping that these products will not only improve the lives of their operators but also improve efficiency.

Aside from the products, Youssef was also able to shed some light on BrightDrop’s relationship with its parent company General Motors. BrightDrop was created by GM just over a year ago but was spun off and operates with a startup mindset whilst also being led by executives, including Youssef, who have no prior automotive experience.

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