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Johnny Munro, Bolt’s Public Policy Manager – UK, says that the end of private car ownership in cities is unrealistic — even as micromobility options become more popular.

In fact, Munro says that Bolt offers a range of solutions, including e-bikes, e-scooters, and ride-hailing, because people have a variety of needs that cannot simply be served by shareable, single-person vehicles.

That’s not all, however. Munro also explained to Auto Futures how the company has developed software and hardware systems to help ensure that everyone on the roads — whether they are riding an e-scooter, driving a car, or crossing the road — is kept safe.

For example, Bolt has introduced a beginner mode which limits the speed of its e-scooters because, perhaps unsurprisingly, most e-scooter accidents happen on the first few rides. Similarly, the company has introduced a test to discover whether prospective riders might be inebriated and push them to use the company’s ride-hailing service.

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