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Chevrolet has revealed the design of its upcoming Blazer EV, ahead of its full launch next month.

Chevrolet CEO Mary Barra tweeted a photo of the Blazer, offering us all a “sneak peek” at the upcoming SUV.


The Detroit manufacturer is promising that the EV will offer a “groundbreaking mix of style, performance, and technology” when it hits the roads next year.

The Blazer’s lengthy design likely points to the EV having seven seats. The illuminated Chevrolet badge in the centre, flanked by LED light bars, should certainly give it a presence on the road.

It’s also worth noting that the model we’re seeing is the SS version. As such, it has enormous wheels and some aggressive styling notes. Huge vents behind the front wheels likely point to battery and motor cooling, while the slats below the headlights give it an angry look.

Interestingly, the area which would normally be the grille on an ICE vehicle is mostly black plastic in this trim, making the Blazer look a little aghast or surprised.

Side skirts and a large front splitter are also present, further highlighting the Blazer’s performance aspirations. A front-facing camera can also be seen just under the Chevrolet badge.

All told, the Blazer is an impressive-looking EV. However, the full reveal will likely show us a slightly neutered version of the car, compared to this full-throated SS variant.

It’s also worth noting that the Blazer will be the first Chevrolet deemed worthy of an SS trim level — no doubt in order to compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric.

Chevrolet says that, following its full reveal on 18 July, the Blazer will be available to customers in “Spring 2023.”

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