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Shell Recharge Solutions, an EV charging solutions provider, has announced a  partnership with Genesis Motor Europe to provide Genesis electric car drivers with a complete solution for charging at home and while on the roads. Genesis customers purchasing a new electric vehicle can order a smart charge point for  home charging needs.

The charge point comes with a suite of services, from installation to smart services, that enable additional features for payment functionalities and data insights.

Customers can also make use of Shell Recharge charge card and app to receive access to one of the largest public roaming networks in Europe.

Shell Recharge Solutions has over 300,000 public charge points in over 35 European countries. 

Genesis Motor Europe and Shell Recharge Solutions will collaborate on a number of innovations delivering a more user friendly charging experience for EV drivers, such as integrated features in the Genesis infotainment system that support the search of charge points in the Shell Recharge public roaming network. 

Melanie Lane, CEO for Shell Recharge Solutions Europe says: “We’re excited to support Genesis Motor Europe in their ambitions across the European market and as they continue to grow, we will guide their drivers on their e-mobility journey, supporting their charging needs at home and on the go, driving a low carbon future together.”

Dominique Boesch, Managing Director for Genesis Motor Europe, adds: “We chose to partner with Shell Recharge Solutions to provide our customers with access to an extensive network across Europe. What’s more, Shell Recharge Solutions has a customer focus similar to our own, committing  to overcoming barriers to electric car adoption and providing customers with a seamless experience, including full network access using one app and charge card. Genesis customers will have a fully integrated and effortless electric driving experience. Genesis will launch three electric cars in 2022 and we look forward to developing our partnership with Shell Recharge Solutions throughout this exciting year, and beyond, to provide our customers with a charging solution that meets their lifestyle.”

Shell Recharge

The partnership between Genesis Motor Europe and Shell Recharge Solutions is part of a wider memorandum of understanding between Shell and Hyundai Motor Group.

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