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The BMW Group will open its Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre (CCMC) in the autumn, with the necessary conditions in place for commissioning of near-standard production of lithium-ion battery cells. BMW will demonstrate industrial feasibility of future generations of high-performance battery cells in the facility in Parsdorf, outside of Munich.

The pilot line at the competence centre will make it possible to analyse and fully understand cell value creation processes.

This will enable future suppliers to produce cells to the BMW Group’s own specifications and thereby further optimise battery cell production with regard to quality, output and costs. 

The company is currently ruling out the option of establishing its own large-scale battery cell production.

Investment in the initial development phase for the Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre totals around 170 million euros.

About 80 employees will work at the Parsdorf location. 

BMW will produce battery cell samples at this site for the next generation of battery technology for use in its electric drive system, the Neue Klasse.

Markus Fallböhmer, head of Production Engines, E-Drives at the BMW Group, says: “The Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre in Parsdorf is the next logical step towards penetrating all aspects of the battery cell value chain. Following successful implementation of the Battery Cell Competence Centre (BCCC), we are now focusing on the production processes. We are validating the manufacturability of lithium-ion battery cells for large-scale standard production, with regard to quality, efficiency and costs.”

He adds: “The CMCC will enable us to round out our know-how throughout the value chain, from battery cell development to production of modules and powertrain components, up to and including installation of fully-assembled high-voltage batteries at our vehicle plants. Like the BCCC in the field of cell research, near-standard production in Parsdorf will create an authority in battery cell production. This means BMW Group experts will be able to discuss topics with cell manufacturers at the same eye level and optimise processes and technologies.”


The BMW Group sources battery cells from leading cell manufacturers.

The remaining value creation, i.e. cell preparation, and production of modules and high-voltage batteries, takes place at the automotive manufacturer.

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