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Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 bicycle brand has launched its second-generation /CTY eBikes now featuring Google Cloud connectivity. Developed in partnership with Google Cloud, the new connectivity features capture essential ride data, and improve security and safety.

With app-controlled security features, Google Maps Platform turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time ride data gathered directly from the eBike, the Serial 1 App serves as a ride assistant for the Serial 1 eBike.

Serial 1’s next-generation /CTY platform is further equipped with advanced connectivity hardware to ensure the most reliable connection.

Powered by Harley-Davidson, Serial 1 an independent eBicycle brand that is partially owned by Harley-Davidson.

Aaron Frank, Brand Director at Serial 1, says: “We are thrilled that Google Cloud has selected Serial 1 as an eMobility partner. This means that Serial 1 will integrate Google Cloud’s new Intelligent Product Essentials software solution into its eBikes, enabling predictive, proactive, and intelligent features that provide a better eBicycle experience for every rider.”

“It’s exciting to see how Serial 1 is enhancing transportation experiences with data and analytics,” adds Matthias Breunig, Director, Global Automotive Solutions, Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to bring Google Cloud’s Intelligent Product Essentials solution to Serial 1 riders and help provide eBike experiences that are safe and personalized to each

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Serial 1 offers premium eBicycles that are crafted using the most advanced bicycle technology available.

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