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The Volkswagen Group’s software company, CARIAD, has announced the official establishment of its China subsidiary. The local team will drive the development of China-specific software products, including the co-development of the unified and scalable new software platform, as well as ADAS and automated driving and next generation connectivity functions.

CARIAD teams in Europe and China will also work together on the new uniform and globally scalable software platform for all VW Group brands.

The whole technology stack is due to be rolled out by the middle of the decade, with Level 4 autonomous automated driving readiness.

The software unit is aiming to double the team of 600 staff by end of 2023 – over 90% of whom will be from China.

A nationwide distributed R&D network is also being built up, with Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Hefei earmarked as initial hub locations.

Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO of CARIAD, says: “The launch of our subsidiary in China, one of the most exciting and dynamic markets in the world, marks an important milestone for CARIAD and underlines our strong commitment to the Chinese customers and market. Together with our China team, we are working towards one goal – to code the future of mobility.”

Chang Qing, CEO of CARIAD’s subsidiary in China, adds: “China is a world leader in digital innovation, and consumers here expect new features and experiences on a daily basis. The newly established China team will enable us to quickly respond to local needs. We will develop, update and continuously improve our products at China-speed based on local customer expectations. Working closely with the Group’s brands and our three JV partners, we will provide software-enabled mobility solutions at great scale.”

Dr. Sun Wei, CTO of CARIAD’s subsidiary in China, comments: “With a faster R&D speed, a software development mindset and a China-specific technology concept, we can much more effectively satisfy the dynamic needs of local customers, regularly bring them fresh, smart, fun and safe travel experiences, and realize our goals in China, for China.”


 Established in 2020 under the name Car.Software Organisation, around 5,000 engineers and developers around the world are now working at CARIAD to build a uniform software platform for all brands of Volkswagen Group, which includes a unified and scalable architecture, an operating system and automotive cloud. 

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