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Dott’s e-bikes are coming to Amersfoort and Enschede, two cities in the east of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a longstanding love affair with the bicycle but Dott is hoping that its e-bikes, which can reach up to 25 kph, will help to further unlock both cities.

“With a reliable service, helping to create fresher air and less congestion for residents and freeing riders from the inconvenience of owning and maintaining their own vehicles,” said the company.

Dott’s bikes will be set up with recommended parking zones across both cities, in line with local regulations. The company has also “identified and mapped” suitable bike racks for its blue e-bikes. These spaces will be highlighted as parking areas for riders. 

“Our e-bikes offer a great way for people to travel around their cities sustainably. With a shared fleet of e-bikes, we can help free our cities from the congestion of unused vehicles, and free riders of the hassle of owning their own vehicle. With Dott handling the purchase cost, maintenance, punctures and service, riders are free to enjoy the journey and get on with their day,” said Sven Jaspers, Netherlands General Manager, Dott.

The company’s e-bikes cost €0.25 per minute and have no unlocking fee as well as offering daily or monthly passes to reduce costs for regular riders. 

Repairs, maintenance and logistics will be handled in-house by specialists at Dott’s warehouses, ensuring safety, reliability and quality. Vehicles are built to last and repaired where necessary, and any parts that cannot be reused are recycled.

Dott also says that it will prioritise working with local residents and the cities to offer a service tailored for Amersfoort and Enschede, specifically. 

Dott is also working to try and reuse, upcycle, or recycle 100% of used vehicles and parts and aims to exceed a five-year lifespan for its bikes. 

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