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Shared e-scooter provider Tier is partnering with Bikeworks, a London-based social enterprise, to offer dedicated e-scooter training sessions for women.

The announcement follows research by Tier and social enterprise Safe & the City which found that almost three-quarters of women in the UK felt that training would improve how safe they feel when travelling.

The training sessions will be designed and delivered by women will take place across London on 14 May and “build on the comprehensive public training programme launched by [Tier and Bikeworks] last summer”

The training sessions have been developed by female members of staff at Tier and Bikeworks and have received input from female Transport for London employees to repurpose the existing training course and take into account possible barriers that women face when travelling in the city.

The small group sessions promise to be both “fun” and “inclusive,” and designed for people of all abilities. As well as providing training, the session will also look at how the entire transport system can be more accessible and inclusive, based on women’s unique experiences. 

“E-scooters are a convenient and sustainable way of travelling around the city and we want to ensure that there are no barriers to their use,” says Georgia Yexley, General Manager for Tier UK and Ireland.

“From our research, we know that the majority of women believe training will improve how safe they feel and these bespoke sessions for women will be an important step to encourage their confidence, both when riding an e-scooter and generally travelling around the city. Transport operators have a fundamental responsibility to help women be and feel safe when travelling, at all times of the day.”

Alongside these female-focused sessions, TIER and Bikeworks will also be delivering more than 30 additional e-scooter training sessions, available for all members of the public, after the success of the training programmes last summer which found that 85% of attendees felt safer using an e-scooter compared to before the training.

“Bikeworks are delighted to be working with TIER and starting a new season of on and off-road e-scooter skills training to the public, particularly the new dedicated sessions for women, to help encourage more people to take-up this new and sustainable mode of transport,” says Jim Blakemore, founder and CEO of Bikeworks.

“The London e-scooter trial and wider micro-mobility sector is growing so quickly, and ensuring the public feel confident in using new forms of transport is central to Bikeworks’ training provision.”

Londoners can find out more and book onto one of the training sessions at

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