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Audi has unveiled plans for the Audi urbansphere concept car, originally designed for use in traffic-dense Chinese megacities, although the concept is also suitable for any other metropolitan centre in the world. It’s the third in a series of concept cars.

The Audi urbansphere’s dimensions are – 5.51 meters (18 feet) long, 2.01 meters (6.6 feet) wide, and 1.78 meters (5.8 feet) high.

The spacious automobile acts as ‘a lounge on wheels and a mobile office’, serving as a third living space during the time spent in traffic. 

The vehicle’s two electric motors are capable of delivering a total output of 295 kilowatts and a system torque of 690 newton meters. 

Audi says automated driving technology transforms the interior, in which a steering wheel, pedals, or displays are notably absent, into a mobile interactive space that provides a gateway to a wider digital ecosystem.

Audi is currently working with CARIAD, Volkswagen Group’s software business, to introduce level 4 autonomous vehicle technology within the second half of the decade.

Its  battery, which holds more than 120 kilowatt hours, can be charged from 5 to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes. This means that a range of up to 750 kilometers (466 miles) can be expected according to the WLTP standard.

Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board Management at AUDI AG and responsible for the Chinese market, says: “In order to meet the demands of our Chinese customers, Audi’s design studios in Beijing and Ingolstadt worked together closely to jointly develop the Audi urbansphere concept car.”

He adds: “To make e-mobility even more attractive, we think about it holistically and from the customer’s needs.”

Audi Urbansphere Concept

Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere, and Audi urbansphere are the three concept cars that the Audi has developed to showcase its vision for the world of premium mobility of tomorrow. 

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