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Germany’s Sono Motors has chosen Valmet Automotive to build its Sion solar electric vehicle.

Valmet, a Finnish contract manufacturer, will produce the Sion at its plant Uusikaupunki, around 200 km northwest of Helsinki, and will provide more than 257,000 vehicles over a seven-year period.

The Sion is a mid-size hatchback with a range of up to 305 km and the car can charge itself using solar panels on its roof.

“The cooperation marks another milestone towards delivering the Sion to our growing Community. We are convinced that collaborating with such a reliable and experienced partner is an excellent match for bringing the Sion to the streets while securing high-quality standards. We value Valmet Automotive’s experience in manufacturing premium automobiles and their proven track record in electromobility,” says Laurin Hahn, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors.

“Together we are well-positioned to keep our promise and deliver a climate-neutral Sion to our customers.”

Valmet Sono Motors
Valmet’s manufacturing plant

Production is set to start in the second half of next year with “a low four-digit volume.” Following that, production is expected to ramp up with Valmet producing 43,000 Sions per year using 100% renewable energy.

However, the switch to Valmet has caused some problems for Sono Motors. Before production starts, the company says that it will need to raise at least €275 million in extra funding. 

“General price increases, the switch to Valmet Automotive, and the development of new production lines,” are all to blame for the extra funding. 

The changes will also have an impact on customer prices. More than 17,000 customers have put down an average of €2,390 net. While the Sion is currently priced at €23,950, Sono is having to increase the Sion’s price to €25,126 (or €29,900 including German VAT) once 18,500 people have reserved the cars.

Consumers with existing reservations will not have to pay any extra as it stands.

“By adapting our pricing according to the current economic environment, we are able to reflect our increased costs while continuing to offer our customers a completely sustainable SEV at a very attractive price,” says Thomas Hausch, Sono Motors’ COO.

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