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Fisker Inc. has exceeded 40,000 initial reservations for the Fisker Ocean SUV. The company has indications that many reservation holders intend to purchase the Fisker Ocean One launch edition or Fisker Ocean Extreme models, both priced at $68,999 in the US.

Fisker will open pre-order reservations for purchase of the limited edition Fisker Ocean One SUV to current reservation holders on July 1, 2022.

Fisker will manufacture 5,000 limited edition Fisker Ocean One vehicles, commencing in November 2022.

The company says it is likely that Fisker Ocean Sport production will not commence until late 2023, initially at modest volumes, with higher volumes expected in 2024.

Fisker CEO, Henrik Fisker, says: “Our goal is to be completely transparent with our customers. We don’t want reservation holders who expect to purchase a Fisker Ocean One to be disappointed, so we are providing them now with the opportunity to secure their vehicle.”


 Fisker is now accepting reservations for its second product, the Fisker PEAR.

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