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Dubai-based startup Barq has revealed a new two-wheeler designed specifically for the Middle East and North African markets. 

Called the Rena Max, the two-wheeler was designed in collaboration with restaurant company Americana and delivery platform Jahez to target the last-mile delivery market.

It features swappable 5.6 kWh lithium batteries, capable of delivering 150 km of range per charge. It’s powered by a 9 kW electric motor that can propel the scooter to a 97 kph top speed. The scooter also features a reverse gear, multiple riding modes, and an integrated 8-inch touchscreen.

Designed with the warm Middle East and North African markets in mind, the Rena Max has new battery cooling innovations and custom-made storage solutions for safe food deliveries. 

“To date, automakers have not built vehicles specifically for our region. We have been consumers of Western and Chinese built technologies that don’t cater in a holistic way for the precise needs and challenges of the region,” says Abdallah Abu Sheikh, CEO and founder of Barq.

“The opportunity in light mobility is massive globally, but we want to make the first moves with purpose-built vehicles for the middle east and Africa and we have put together the best minds to do it. We have a very nimble operation and have developed the Rena Max in a matter of months after analyzing countless rider experiences and a wealth of data from on-demand platforms. The result is astonishing – it’s the Tesla of the scooter world. Fit for purpose with an unprecedented focus on user experience and operational efficiency.

“This new bike won’t just improve a rider’s day-to-day job but also the quality of the delivery. Almost eliminating downtime via battery swapping means that riders and platforms can meet sustainability ambitions without losing valuable time to charging.”

The bike has an insulated top box with a food-safe lining, configurable shelving, and an integrated thermometer. An electronically controlled locking system logs and tracks all box opening and closing for additional security. The Rena Max also has a textured seat to lower heat during prolonged use, USB connectivity, and LED daytime running lights. 

Production is slated to start later this year and the company expects to be able to manufacture 50,000 within MENA by 2025. Couriers will be able to lease the Rena Max from delivery platforms and leasing companies. 

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