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Israeli startup StoreDot has unveiled a new strategic technology roadmap that is set to culminate in batteries delivering 100 miles of range on just a two-minute charge within ten years.

The so-called “100inX” strategy will see the company develop a range of battery technologies ranging from silicon-dominant anode “extreme fast-charging” (or “XFC” in StoreDot’s parlance) lithium-ion cells by 2024 as well as semi solid-state and full solid-state batteries.

Those silicon-dominant cells will be able to deliver 100 miles of range from a five-minute charge, while the full and semi solid-state cells should deliver 100 miles from two- and three-minute charges, respectively.

The “100in5” silicon-dominant cells should be available by 2024, while the “100in3” semi solid-state cells and “100in2” full solid-state cells will be available in 2028 and 2032.

Storedot 100inx Battery Cell RoadmapStor

“It’s absolutely crucial that we give global automotive manufacturers a clear, realistic and hype-free roadmap for the introduction of our fast-charging battery technologies. After intense development of our silicon-dominant chemistries, we will be mass-production ready by 2024, delivering a transformative product that will overcome the major barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles – charging times and range anxiety,” says Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot’s CEO.

“However, we are committed to a rapid transition to a cleaner, zero-emissions world and our strategic technology roadmap extends long after 2024, where each milestone represents an impressive performance improvement – a major impact on the driver’s experience. We are also progressing with our semi-solid state battery aiming for its production at scale by 2028, which will demonstrate a better charging experience for EV drivers in terms of miles per minute of charging.”

The cells will be available in both pouch and the 4680 family form factor – the formats increasingly favoured by most global automakers. In fact, StoreDot’s XFC tech is already being tested in the real world by a number of OEMs.

This strategy announcement follows StoreDot’s recent announcement that it had closed a Series D funding round worth $80 million, which included investment from the likes of VinFast.

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