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Qualcomm is set to collaborate with Irish connected software company Cubic Telecom to bring its cloud-based services to the chip manufacturer’s automotive chipsets.

Revealed at MWC in Barcelona, Cubic Telecom is set to use its software to enable the visibility, analytics, insights, and connectivity behind Qualcomm’s Car-to-Cloud solutions.

As a result, automakers will get a turn-key integrated digital cockpit solution, with a range of service, infotainment, and upgrade opportunities. What’s more, this service should work for any vehicle shipped anywhere in the world, as Cubic provides built-in data and regulatory compliance.

“We’re excited that Qualcomm has chosen the Cubic Team to help deliver its next-generation vehicle solutions,” says Cubic Telecom CEO Barry Napier.

“As a trusted partner and enabler of Qualcomm’s innovative Car-to-Cloud architecture, Cubic is proud to be part of Qualcomm’s strategic plans, as it shifts into cloud-enabled services and lifecycle management.”

Cubic will be providing three of its connected software products to Qualcomm: Plxor, Insights, and Pace. 

“Using three of Cubic’s core software products: Plxor for differentiated billing, Insights for real-time device monitoring and Pace for seamless connectivity, localised services and compliance will enable Qualcomm to power global and regional cloud-based apps, services and content,” explains Napier.

San Diego-based Qualcomm is hoping that, thanks to Cubic’s software, its Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud service will provide a single point of control for global out-of-the-box connectivity on its chips, with support for bundled data and services.

Qualcomm, however, isn’t the only major company that Dublin-based Cubic collaborates with. The Irish software company counts the gigantic Volkswagen Group and CNH Industrial among a range of clients. In fact, Cubic’s software can be found on more than 8 million vehicles across 100 countries around the world.

The move to software-defined and genuinely connected cars has been gathering pace in recent months and this new partnership between Qualcomm and Cubic further reinforces the growing trend.

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