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SEAT brand CUPRA has announced the launch of Metahype, a collaborative new platform in the metaverse. The announcement was made on its 4th anniversary, as part of CUPRA2 – its vision for the year ahead.

Developed in partnership with VISYON, a creative immersive company and part of the Mediapro Group, Metahype is all about collaboration with brands.

Beginning with the worlds of music and entertainment, such as Primavera Sound and UBEAT, CUPRA will team up with partners from multiple fields.

Brands and individuals will be able to showcase artistic material such as NFTs, display digital and physical products, and stream content within Metahype.

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA, says: “Metahype is our interpretation of this new universe. It’s a collaborative space where brands, startups, and content creators can host a wide variety of events and experiences for individuals to create and share culture. With CUPRA’s entry into the metaverse, we’re proving once again that we’re a brand that goes beyond the automotive industry.” 

He adds: “Our 4th anniversary has a special significance. The plans we have in store for 2022 include the intention to double our sales, double our turnover and double our sales network. This is why we’re calling our ambition CUPRA2. Four years ago, many people doubted us, but we never doubted ourselves. This year, we’ll prove once again that nothing can hold back our unstoppable impulse.”

CUPRA’s Chief Metaverse Officer, Cathy Hackl, adds: “With virtual worlds brands have the opportunity to create completely new, immersive experiences for their existing and future customers. This is a great opportunity for CUPRA to engage with its communities in innovative and truly authentic ways via Metahype.”

Cupras Unstoppable Impulse Continues With Cupra 2 And The Launch Of Metahype 12 Hq

CUPRA also announced the CUPRA2 Experience, one of the first racing experiences to combine the real and virtual worlds, which will launch later this year.

Ahead of the CUPRA2 Experience’s launch, CUPRA will auction its first NFT of its concept car, UrbanRebel. The successful bidder will be given the opportunity to be one of the first pilots of the CUPRA2 Experience.

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