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Renault has revealed the first teaser of a new sustainable concept car.

The vehicle will feature a hydrogen engine, rather than a battery-electric powertrain and the company says that it “embodies the decarbonization trajectory of the group.”

The concept also highlights the progress that Renault has made towards the “circular economy” as well as in recycled and recyclable materials.

Due to be unveiled in May this year, the concept also features some “on-board technological innovations” designed to improve the safety of “the drivers and users.” We’re not entirely certain how the driver differentiates from users but, better safety is never anything to sniff at.

Renault is also claiming that the new concept will usher in improved diversity through the teams that have worked on the vehicles – as well as its improved accessibility. Again, we’re not certain whether this points to the car being more accessible for disabled people or people with slim wallets.

However, the concept doesn’t look too outlandish – at least from the teaser that Renault has shared. This might mean that the new vehicle isn’t too far away in terms of design and features from upcoming Renault cars. 

The most recent Megane hatchback, for example, has been on sale in 2016 and, despite having a recent facelift, it seems as though this might be up for replacement soon.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until May to find out.

Future-gazing concept cars are nothing new, of course. However, a host of manufacturers have recently taken to providing a concept car that serves as a model for the upcoming tech and performance that drivers can expect to see in the next few years.

Mercedes, for example, recently revealed its Vision EQXX concept with impressive range and an “emotional” and “empathetic” voice assistant, designed to make in-car interactions feel more personal.

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