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Cars are becoming increasingly reliant on computers for their performance and, as a result, it can be challenging for companies to manage all of the software.

British-based startup Eatron, however, is working to develop software that can take the load off automakers when it comes to optimising performance. It already has VinFast on its books as a partner.

With the company raising $11 million in series A funding, Auto Futures spoke to Dr. Umut Genc, Eatron’s co-founder and CEO to find out what’s next for the Eatron.

What does Eatron specialise in?

“Eatron develops and licenses AI-powered production-ready software solutions for the automotive industry and mobility.”

How do your BMSTAR and IMSTAR products work and what do they offer your OEM customers?

Dr Umut Genc
Eatron’s CEO Dr Umut Genc

“Our software platform has two applications: Battery Management Software (BMSTAR) and Intelligent Motion Control (IMSTAR).

“Both products offer physics-based algorithms and AI-powered software functions running in the edge, to achieve safe robust performance, as well as regular software updates through cloud connectivity, to ensure optimum performance during the lifetime of the vehicles.

“Furthermore, Eatron’s software enables automotive and mobility OEMs and Tier-1s to de-couple complex embedded automotive software from the underlying electronic hardware through abstraction and rapidly deploy such software for series production.”

What makes Eatron’s products unique from other similar systems on the market?

“Eatron’s software platform, developed according to stringent automotive standards, brings together advanced algorithms and predictive AI, in the edge and through the cloud, and has the integrated functionality to regularly update the software for continuous improvements during the lifetime of the vehicles. Having a platform with all these features integrated for serial production is rather unique.”

What does the recent Series-A funding allow Eatron to achieve?

“First of all, we will expand our global sales team and network. We are increasing our activities in Asia significantly in 2022. At the same time, we continue to enlarge our engineering team globally to meet the rapidly growing demand for automotive-grade intelligent software solutions.”

What does the company want to achieve in the next 3-5 years?

“We will be the leading tech team making embedded battery and electric vehicle software intelligent to support the growth of sustainable mobility.”

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