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The US EV manufacturer Bollinger Motors has announced the postponement of its consumer-truck production and delivery, while the company focuses its efforts on commercial business. Bollinger will refund deposits for those customer who had previously reserved the electric B1 sport utility truck and the B2 pickup truck.

The company says the move will enable it to continue to ‘grow and develop technology that will have a major impact in the automotive world’s green future’.

Robert Bollinger, CEO of Bollinger Motors, says: “We started Bollinger Motors in 2015 with a dream and a desire to make the best trucks possible. We’ve put countless hours of hard work and passion into making something that makes us proud. However, today, we’re postponing the consumer trucks’ development and shifting our focus to commercial trucks and fleets.”

He adds: “This is a vitally important move for us, ’cause it enables us to continue our development of our technology, and make a real impact in the green future of automotive.”

Bollinger Passthrough Studio Front

Founded in 2015 by Robert Bollinger, Bollinger Motors is a U.S.-based company, headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan.

Bollinger Motors will manufacture all-electric platforms and chassis cabs for commercial vehicles in Classes 3-6.

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