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Fisker Inc. is showcasing its Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV at CES in Las Vegas, highlighting the vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Called Fisker Intelligent Pilot, the ADAS platform integrates four types of sensors: a  surround-view camera suite, a camera-based driver-monitoring system, ultrasonic technology, and a Digital-Imaging Radar System.

Fisker expects the Digital Radar system to be the first to market when its all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV begins production in November, 2022.

The system uses five units positioned around the Fisker Ocean to confirm and enhance what the cameras see.

It can locate vehicles at 200 meters (656 feet) and pedestrians at 80 meters (262 feet).

The system can also better distinguish its surroundings in environments of high light-dark contrast, such as in tunnels and on bridges, and differentiate objects of varying sizes and speeds on highways, such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 

With its features working together, Fisker Intelligent Pilot’s perception stack with camera and radar sensor fusion makes better decisions at highway speeds, in city traffic, and in poor weather.

Fisker Intelligent Pilot features standard on the $68,999 Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One.

Fisker CEO, Henrik Fisker, says: “Our asset-light, rapid-product-development business model enables us to bring these state-of-the-art active safety systems to market earlier than our competition. Fisker Intelligent Pilot and Fisker Digital-Imaging combine reliable ADAS cameras with first-to-market 4D digital radars, giving owners industry-leading safety to go along with a $37,499 price for the Fisker Ocean Sport and over 350 miles of all-electric range for the top-of-the-line Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One launch edition.”

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Fisker will commence production of the Fisker Ocean SUV on Nov. 17, 2022, at the carbon-neutral factory of Fisker’s manufacturing partner, Magna-Steyr, in Graz, Austria.

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