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StoreDot, a pioneer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, has announced the first close of its Series D funding round of up to $80 million. The lead investor is the Vietnamese EV manufacturer, VinFast, which plans to scale up manufacturing and deploy StoreDot’s XFC technology in future EV platforms.

Participants also include bp ventures, a current StoreDot investor and active partner.

The funds raised by this round will be used to complete StoreDot’s research and development for its silicon-dominant XFC battery cells for EVs and continue its progress on Extreme Energy Density cells based on Solid State technology for future deployment.

This funding also enables the company to ramp up its California-based R&D centre, and commence scale up operations in key global locations, in readiness for full mass production of cells in 2024.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, says: “This strategic round of funding, with principal investors coming from leading automotive, energy and technology companies, is a huge vote of confidence in StoreDot, its XFC battery technologies, our long-term product roadmap and our world-class technology and innovation that are all aimed to solve the Range Anxiety of EV drivers. We are now properly funded to take our silicon-dominant XFC cells to the end of the R&D phase and into scale-up in readiness for mass production in 2024 for global vehicle manufacturers. It will help overcome the major barrier to EV ownership – charging times – providing a 50% reduction, and, ultimately, helping us all achieve a zero-emissions, clean world.”

Pham Thuy Linh, Deputy CEO VinFast, adds: “Enhancing customer experience is our top priority. We have been making dedicated efforts in research, connecting global intelligence by forming partnerships with and investing in breakthrough technology companies, especially in EV battery such as StoreDot and its extreme fast charging (XFC) proprietary technology. StoreDot which is led by gifted scientists and experienced entrepreneurs, along with strong support from VinFast and other strategic investors, is believed to gear up for mass production globally in a very near term.”


StoreDot is in advanced talks with leading global car makers for integration of its XFC technology into their future models.

The company has a clear technology roadmap including its next generation XED, extreme energy density solid state cells with planned mass production in 2028.

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