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  • Executive Chair Euisun Chung outlined the Group’s direction for 2022 and key future business targets through the New Year Address delivered in the metaverse to employees
  • The Group to continue making progress towards becoming global top-tier eco-friendly brands by working towards carbon neutrality with a focus on electrification
  • The Group to enhance its technological capabilities and create new synergies in sectors beyond automotive
  • The Group to foster a corporate culture in which capabilities of each employee are part of the Group’s great transformation
  • The Group will actively pursue environmental, social and governance (ESG) management for sustainable growth

Hyundai Motor Group Executive Chair Euisun Chung today announced that 2022 will be a year to ‘realize the myriad of possibilities in the lives of customers’ during his New Year address, which took place in the ‘Live Station’ within the Group’s metaverse platform.

The announcement reflects the Group’s intention to share with customers the benefits of strategic initiatives the Group has undertaken since announcing its aim to become a ‘game changer’ in 2019.

The Group’s 2022 New Year address took place in the ‘HMG Park’ metaverse platform, with Group employees from around the globe in virtual attendance.

In his address, Executive Chair Chung thanked the Group’s employees for their efforts amid a difficult global business environment and presented specific targets for key business areas in 2022.

“This year, we plan to introduce an array of smart solutions for industries that are core to our future strategy, such as autonomous driving, robotics and urban air mobility, thereby realizing the myriad possibilities in the lives of our customers,” Chung said. “Despite recent difficulties and the uncertainties about some of the new challenges that lie ahead, let’s make bold moves with positive energy, realizing the better future for our customers and humanity.”

Becoming global top-tier eco-friendly brands and acquiring proprietary technologies

Chung presented the Group’s goal to cement its position as a leading eco-friendly enterprise that customers can trust and endorse.

The Group will provide products and services that are tailored to the evolving lifestyles of customers, and further enhance its capabilities in clean mobility, including motors, batteries and advanced materials.

The Group will continue to actively pursue the transition to electrification through its activities in R&D, production, sales and customer service.

To that end, the Group successfully launched Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6, Genesis GV60 battery electric vehicles in 2021, all of which are based on the Group’s electric global modular platform (E-GMP). The Group will further accelerate its electrification efforts in 2022 with the launch of Hyundai IONIQ 6, Genesis GV70 EV, Kia Niro EV and Kia EV6 high-performance model. To further democratize eco-friendly vehicles, the Group will work with global partners to establish charging networks around the world.

Chung also expressed the importance of acquiring proprietary technologies, such as AI. To secure competitiveness for its future products, the Group will establish AI research centers and develop world-leading human talent while continuously expanding open platforms. It will conduct more events like its past ‘software coding competition’ and ‘HMG developer conference’ that help employees to explore new ideas and encourage a spirit of collaborative innovation.

Chung also presented the Group’s detailed plan to introduce smart solutions for industries that are core to its future strategy, such as autonomous driving, robotics, and urban air mobility.

Autonomous Driving

The Group will introduce various pilot service programs based on Level 4 autonomous driving technology that minimizes driver engagement. It will also test an IONIQ 5-based autonomous pilot vehicle, which Hyundai aims to commercialize by 2023.

In the first half of 2022, the Group will start the ‘RoboRide’ pilot service using a Level 4 autonomous vehicle, and RoboShuttle that combines Hyundai’s demand responsive ‘Shucle’ mobility service with its autonomous driving technology.


In the field of robotics, the Group will continue its efforts to enhance its development capabilities and conduct collaboration in various areas related to mobility. Boston Dynamics, a new part of the Group, will commercialize its service robot ‘Spot’ this year and introduce to the market its logistics robot ‘Stretch’.

At CES 2022 this week, the Group will present its vision for robotics and the metaverse under the main theme of ‘Expanding Human Reach’.


In the UAM field, the Group will continue preparing to commercialize its UAM business by 2028, with its new Supernal brand utilizing the Group’s scaled manufacturing and mobility technologies to revolutionize air travel and offer seamlessly integrated intermodal mobility solutions.

Introduced in November 2021, Supernal will accelerate the Group’s efforts to develop a safe electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle and infrastructure to support its commercialization.

Summing up the scope of its smart solutions, Chung presented the Group’s ambition to enhance its capabilities and create new synergies in sectors beyond automotive. The Group will also strive to design new growth engines, such as smart cities, smart logistics and advanced materials.

Focus on quality and corporate culture to advance employees’ capabilities and ESG management

Ending the New Year address, Chung stressed the need to channel employees’ efforts and talents to realize the myriad possibilities in customers’ lives as well as the need to secure and maintain the highest levels of quality in all operations.

The Group aims to create a corporate culture in which the capabilities of each employee is fully realized, ensuring they are part of the Group’s great transformation. The culture will support open communication with employees to promote a sense of accomplishment, cultivate competitiveness, and foster even greater pride in the company and each employee’s work.

Externally, the Group will actively pursue environmental, social and governance (ESG) management for sustainable growth. The Group plans to grow together with shareholders, investors, local communities, and customers to ensure responsible progress for everyone’s benefit. Also, it will become a leader in environmental protection, and enhance industrial safety standards.

The Group’s key affiliates announced in 2021 that they will participate in the Climate Group’s RE100 initiative to source electricity from 100 percent renewable energy. Hyundai, Kia and Hyundai Mobis have previously presented carbon neutrality roadmaps to be achieved by 2045.

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