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Wenea and NewMotion, two companies offering charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), have reached an interoperability agreement for Europe. This alliance will allow EV users to travel throughout the European continent using a single charging operator.

Both companies are working on the integration of their platforms, which is expected to be fully completed after the first quarter of 2022.

Through the collaboration, users of the Wenea application will be able to use the 13,000 public charging stations available from NewMotion, including 400 fast chargers. 

In turn, EV drivers using the Shell Recharge card and app can access a network of Wenea charging points in Spanish territory for the first time.

NewMotion will soon be renamed Shell Recharge Solutions.

Wenea CEO, Alberto Cantero, says: “This interoperability agreement represents an improvement in the coverage of services to our customers, making a wide network of charging stations available to them through the Wenea app. Thanks to the roaming technology implemented on our platform, we will be able to serve a large number of new markets, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany or Belgium, thus reaffirming our commitment to mobility free of CO2 emissions and accessible to all users inside and outside our borders.” 

Jean Baptiste Guntzberger, NewMotion’s Regional Manager Southern Europe, adds: “Access to charging infrastructure is an important consideration before drivers transition to electric mobility. To provide EV drivers with this much-needed access, roaming partnerships such as the one NewMotion and Wenea signed, are key. It’s great that with this partnership we have expanded our network with 277 rapid charge points. With our Shell Recharge charge card and app we now offer access to over 250,000 public charge points in 35 countries in Europe, including over 4,250 in Spain.”

NewMotion to become Shell Recharge Solutions to provide a global charging portfolio accelerating mass EV adoption

NewMotion is part of the Shell group and supports Shell’s goal to operate 500,000 charge points by 2025, including 30,000 public charge points.

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