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Lamborghini’s CEO has said that the company’s first full EV should arrive in 2027 or 2028.

Stephan Winkelmann, currently in his second stint as the Italian supercar manufacturer’s CEO, also promised that the lineup would first consist of plug-in hybrid models before switching to full EV from 2030. 

However, the German didn’t rule out the potential of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels being used to power the marque’s cars going forward but recognised 

“The first [pure EV] will be in the second part of this decade,” said Winkelmann, in a conversation with Yahoo Finance, “we think about [20]27 or [20]28.”

“Before that,” he continued, “we will hybridize the lineup we are having [sic] today and the first full-electric model will be our fourth model.”

Winkelmann confirmed that the company will expand its lineup from the current Huracan and Aventador supercars and Urus luxury SUV to include a fully electric “more versatile” vehicle. 

The supercars, however, will remain as plug-in hybrids until legislators say otherwise from 2030.

“We hope there will be an opportunity for synthetic fuel which is then CO2-neutral to be big enough or distributed enough in a high enough quantity… which we can then use to fuel our super sports cars,” said Winkelmann. 

“It is an opportunity we want to leave open, we don’t have to decide now because this is not the moment where this type of fuel is present and we don’t know whether it is going to be developed on a level which is then good for us, as well.”

Porsche, Lamborghini’s VW Group stablemate, however, has already been investing considerable sums of money into researching and developing synthetic fuels – presumably with the hope of keeping its 911 sportscars on the road with internal combustion engines.

Of course, the writing is surely on the wall for Winkelmann and Lamborghini. Internal combustion engines are on their way out, thanks to legislation as well as changing buying behaviours. 

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