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A new hydrogen-powered jet concept, backed by the British government, is promising to be able to fly from London to San Francisco non-stop at the same speed as today’s jetliners.

The FlyZero project, let by the Aerospace Technology Institute, was unveiled today at the fourth meeting of the Jet Zero Council, chaired by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

The project has developed a concept for a midsize aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen. According to the British government, which has sunk £15 million into a fund designed to aid hydrogen-powered aircraft development, the plane would be able to carry 279 passengers with the same speed and range as existing midsize passenger jets.

“The Aerospace Technology Institute’s pioneering research highlights the potential for hydrogen in realising zero-carbon global connectivity,” says Jet Zero Council CEO Emma Gilthorpe.

Flyzero Airport

“This ground-breaking green technology looks set to play a critical role in decarbonising flight and through the work of the Jet Zero Council, the UK aviation sector is exploring all avenues to ensure we protect the benefits of flying for future generations while cutting the carbon cost.”

The Jet Zero Council’s project has received a share of the £15 million Green Fuel, Green Skies competition, along with seven other companies.

“At a time of global focus on tackling climate change, our midsize concept sets out a truly revolutionary vision for the future of global air travel keeping families, businesses and nations connected without the carbon footprint,” says FlyZero Project Director Chris Gear.

“This new dawn for aviation brings with it real opportunities for the UK aerospace sector to secure market share, highly skilled jobs and inward investment while helping to meet the UK’s commitments to fight climate change.”

“This pioneering design for a liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft, led by a British organisation, brings us one step closer to a future where people can continue to travel and connect but without the carbon footprint,” says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

“I will continue to work closely with the Jet Zero Council to support the UK’s world-leading research in this sector, which will create green jobs, help us meet our ambitious net-zero targets and lead the global transition to net-zero aviation.”

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