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Throughout his 45 years career in precision engineering, Alan Rallings has worked on a number of momentous projects, such as Concorde and the UK’s Thames Flood Barrier. He’s now turned his attention to the issue of sustainable mobility.
His UK start-up, Cyclopic Ltd, has developed a range of inventions, such as an e-Bike with a ‘wheel within a wheel’, plus a number of pioneering electric drive-systems.
On Mobility Moments, Ralling, Cyclopic’s Founder and Director, tells Auto Futures about his innovative solutions and their future applications.

Describe the E-Cyclopic and its key features.

E-Cyclopic is a patented clean, compact, folding e-Bike. The centreless wheel innovation offers a ‘wheel within a wheel’ design. Folding the bike makes it a slimline product – a bike-in-a-bag. As the drive-system is sealed there is no oil and no grease. This produces a clean product. Roll along next to you when not in use.

It fits in the boot of a car, you can take it in-doors. Hop on and off the bus/tube/train, it’s very portable.

The E-Cyclopic is a stackable product enabling it to be stored in convenient upright racks (possibly bus shelters). SOTA Solid tyres and no chain provide a reliable e-Bike with no punctures – it’s always ready to go! Trickle-charge the E-Cyclopic in the boot of your car for the last mile solution.

Who is it aimed at?

The E-Cyclopic is aimed at a convenient last mile solution. Commuters take it to work and it stores easily. Leisure cyclists, take your bike out for a day-trip – it stores in the boot of a car. It’s convenient and folds easily.

Describe the Centreless Wheel Drive System and its key features.

The Electric Drive-System incorporates drive, steering, braking and suspension all in one unit. This operates the centreless wheel which provides parallel parking and electric height adjustment.

In April 2020 Cyclopic were awarded an Innovate UK SMART Grant to produce an EV platform. The EV Platform was demonstrated at ‘The Advanced Engineering Show’ & ‘Move 2021’ and received great reviews!

The platform provides numerous applications – Urban EV, POD, Agri-Bot, Future Factory and D&S Vehicles.


How can the Platform be used for autonomous vehicles of the future?

The EV Platform would provide a unique solution for future mobility. Being produced as a platform means fast manufacturing and production. A scalable platform which can produce an urban EV and as all the drive is in one unit, with no traditional engine space required providing a compact EV with space-saving interior that parallel parks!

The EV Platform will become a ground-breaking POD which lowers to the kerb offering mobility for all, with wheelchair-friendly easy access. The parallel parking feature will create SMART Parking zones using less area to easily park your EV.

The ability to lower to the ground would work efficiently with induction charging pads to ensure better contact.

The EV or POD could be fitted with autonomous features. The parallel parking and height adjustment would assist the autonomy. The drive-system would have a safety ditch as the wheels lower directly to the ground – offering extra vehicle safety.

An excellent delivery vehicle that could deliver to the kerb, eg. an Amazon or grocery BOT  delivery with a sliding door. The bot could roll out autonomously. 

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What are the next steps for Cyclopic?

Now we have produced the EV Platform that demonstrates the benefits of the drive-system and Cyclopic have full grants for UK patents & International filings, we would like to partner with a company to develop the advanced engineered platform. 

Cyclopic would also like to work on the autonomous suspension that will intelligently work with lidar technology.

Cyclopic are also keen to connect with investors/companies interested in the next stage of  development!

What will urban mobility look like by 2030?

Hopefully, if the innovators succeed and funding is put in place to deliver the future mobility, autonomous public transport eg. PODS will provide excellent reliable electric transport for urban/city  environments. (There will be) No cars within city centres giving space for micro-mobility/pedestrian lanes which will offer safe independent transport.

Skyways – autonomous monorail transport that ease congestion and provide easy clean public transport. UAV – autonomous delivery drones offering regulated micro flight paths and allocated landing pads.

Autonomous delivery EVs replacing Amazon/UPS vehicles with automated POD deliveries. Cargo bikes will have a large space in the last mile delivery service.

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