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Mercedes-Benz is set to reveal the Vision EQXX, promising 1,000 km of range on 3 January 2022.

While the company began teasing the car during the summer, and its remarkable range, specific details had been relatively scant.

However, it’s important to remember that while the Vision EQXX might be “more than a show car,” according to Markus Schäfer, Merc’s COO, there won’t be a full production variant.

Instead, Mercedes is calling the car an “interdisciplinary technology programme” and claims it is “scrutinizing every efficiency building block and not just focusing on individual elements.”

At the full reveal, we should finally see the full design and its smart aerodynamic design.

This project is aiming to go exceed what we have already achieved with the EQS – which boasts the lowest drag coefficient ever seen in a production vehicle,” says Schäfer. 

What’s more, Merc is “working on increasing the energy density at the cell level by a further 20% compared to the EQS,” as well as having a “single-digit consumption value for kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometres at normal highway speeds.”

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