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French racing outfit GCK Motorsport has announced that it will be running an electric Lancia Delta Integrale in the upcoming 2022 World Rallycross Championship.

The restomod, known as the Lancia Delta Evo-e, is based on the chassis and body of the iconic 80s rally but features a powerful 500 kw electric motor.

GCK Motorsport is claiming that this power should see the Lancia accelerate faster than a current Formula 1 car thanks to the instant torque provided by the electric motor.

Whats more, GCK will be providing the power for the car itself. Powered by solar panels and energy collected from green energy networks ahead of races, the World Rallycross Championship should be “one of the most environmentally conscious disciplines in motorsport” as a result.

Gck Lancia Rear

GCK will also supply the World Rallycross Championship’s support series, RX2e, with renewable energy.

“I’m super excited for us to be returning to the FIA World Rallycross Championship under its new electric banner,” says GCK president and former rallycross driver Guerlian Chicherit.

“The race format suits itself to deliver one of the most exciting racing spectacles in electric cars launched so far. It’ll be a busy year for GCK Motorsport, with our commitment to not only WRX but also the FIA Cross-Country World Championship, which the Dakar Rally will be the pinnacle of. A return to racing cross-country after so many years will be tough but I’m ready and looking forward to taking on this challenge with my team. Motorsport is going through a significant change at the moment with the impact felt across industries – playing our part in developing some of this change is what has us all motivated every day.”

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